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Mahatma Gandhi


Memoirs of Rashtrapita :
(An exhibition of rare photographs of Mahatma Gandhi)

India and for that matter the whole World is passing through new and novel process such as globalizations, privatizations and liberalizations. These have brought in their wake multinational companies that are changing the very character and contents of our economy. In the past the British came to India primarily for the commercial purposes. Now these multinational companies have also an eye upon the commercial avenues. The politics in India is fluid.

The time has come to ask a question to ourselves as to what had our country achieved so far? This is indeed a problem that deserves a serious treatment when the World is melting into a village and the commercial frontiers are expanding fast and dynamically. Where can we locate Indian citizen in this colossal change and can he succeed in tiding over this wave?

We realise our strength when we glance at our freedom movement and glorious history. Our moral strength and indigenous ingenuity, it is believed still stand us in good stead or at least ensure our future.

Mahatma Gandhi was a gift of nature, a magic of the time, a miracle of ingenuity & a paragon of character. We are dreaming to visit maximum schools in India & around the world. This will help our next generation to understand the power & prowess of non-violence & to know the glourious history of Indian Independence. This Exhibition is not only a display of Gandhiji's photographs but it would inspire youths to follow in his footsteps. The people inherited from him a sense of pride & patriotism, courage & devotion, and self sacrifice & defiance.

Let's join hands to spread the message of non-violence & peace.

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